Soll es wieder ein Kalender geben 2018

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Re: Soll es wieder ein Kalender geben 2018

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vielleicht mal mit Chris (schmidt-christian) in Verbindung setzen. Vielleicht kann er noch was reißen
Ich mag den Golf :D
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Online Peer Support Made Easy: How to Create and Share a Live Calendar with Your Volunteers and Participants

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How to create and share a live online calendar for peer support sessions?

I am a peer support coordinator in the UK, and I work with different volunteers who facilitate the sessions. The volunteers do not have access to our organisational tools, so I need a separate solution for scheduling and updating the sessions online. I want to create an online calendar that can:

Display the scheduled sessions for the public to see

Allow live updates in case of changes or cancellations

Be accessible and editable by all the volunteers and me

Be easily shared via a link or a QR code

have searched online but I could not find a suitable answer. Can anyone suggest a platform or a tool that can help me with this? Thank you for your help and sorry if this is not the right place to ask.